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Interview Magazine: Jacquelyn Jablonski is Creating a Clothing Line for Everyone

The American model Jacquelyn Jablonski has launched a new unisex athleisure clothing brand, Sports Verified. Her goal: to poke fun at the business of sports and athletics. Juggling a bunch of luggage through New York City? That’s a sport. Fighting with your significant other on a balcony? Yep, that too. The lookbook, curated by Jablonski, puts her close friends in a variety of cheeky paparazzi-shot scenarios, straight out of an early-aughts tabloid. Jablonski hopped on the phone with Interview’s Entertainment Director Lauren Tabach-Bank to discuss her ideal Sports Verified customer, her inspiration for the line, and the undying influence of Mariah Carey. —JULIANA UKIOMOGBE

LAUREN TABACH-BANK: So, let’s start. Tell me what inspired you to start Sports Verified.

JACQUELYN JABLONSKI: Well, I was in quarantine and it kind of started as a joke amongst friends, just about everyone’s lack of motivation to do sports or any sort of activity. Then it led to a private Instagram account with funny little memes and jokes. For example, one was Mariah Carey giving the first pitch and failing and throwing it downwards, and she struts away with so much confidence. I’m like, “That’s sports. That’s everything.”