About Sports Verified

Sports Verified started as a joke amongst friends in quarantine and slowly evolved into something more. I started calling everything “sports,” even where doing so made no sense at all. Simulating a bicep curl while you eat french fries? Sports. Pamela Anderson attempting cartwheels with her hubby? Sports.  My friend sent me a video called “sporty” by comedian Kyle Mooney - it captures the vibe perfectly.

To us, sports is up for interpretation.  Personally I find actual sports to be less about the game itself and more about the behind the scenes - the locker room gossip, the fails, even the curated looks... that’s what makes it entertaining and the athletes human.  

We don’t take ourselves too seriously over here - no judgement if you’re hitting the snooze button instead of the gym class.  We encourage all forms of Verified Sport Activity.


I think of my charity with everything I do, so a portion of proceeds will be donated to Autism Tomorrow. We want to have some laughs, do sports, and support a cause we care deeply about. To learn more about our charity, visit autismtomorrow.org.

Jacquelyn Jablonski